Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Failed to Install Software Updates during Build and Capture (Error: 87D00272)

Recently I created several Windows 10 1607 images, where Offline Servicing put all Windows 10 updates needed on the image. Besides of that I created Build and Captures task sequences, with an Office 2016 package in it. Because those updates cannot be injected with Offline Servicing, I decided to add an additional Install Software Updates step in the task sequence. Nothing wrong about that :-)

During the Software Update installation step however, the following error message was displayed:
-Refreshing Updates
-Failed to RefreshUpdates, hr=0x87d00272
-Failed to run the action: Install Software Updates. Component is disabled. (Error: 87D00272)

Trick is, someone changed the Default Client Settings policy, and set "Enable software updates on clients" to No. Therefore software update scan, download and install cannot take place. Long story short, change the policy back to Yes, and start build and capture again.

Hope it helps!

Download software updates working again!

Install software updates working again!