Monday, December 2, 2013

Exclude software updates from Automatic Deployment Rule

Hi, today I get a request if it's possible to exclude a specific software update from an Automatic Deployment Rule. This because functionality was broken between Skydrive Pro and our SharePoint 2010 server. The following update must be excluded which is malefactor on this. Let's do a query on Software Updates first. With Criteria you can search (for example) on Title. My search is on KB2837652. You can see that the update is downloaded and deployed.
Software Update is active

You can choose to use "Edit Membership" and remove the update, but because of Automatic Deployment Rule, the software update will be deployed again after next run. A better way is to change the Automatic Deployment Rule query. Let's have a look on that one. Normally I use values on Product, Required and Superseded here. 
Automatic Deployment Rule query

This time I added a new value, named Title. When you add a random name with a "-" before it, it will be excluded from software updates. When you don't use the "-" it will be added to the already chosen updates query. When you start "Run now" on the Automatic Deployment Rule the above configuration will be active.
Software Update is non-active

Great to see that the chosen update is non-active now! I added a title on "Update for Microsoft SkyDrive Pro" and "KB2837652". This time no need to use "Edit Membership" anymore. The update will be ignored from now on! Happy customer :)

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  1. Hi, how could you exclude multiple words in the title field? Since between multple titles criteria it has the logical "OR", if you have multiple condition like doesn't contain A OR doesn't contain B --> A will be choose since doesn't contain B ans B will be choose since it doesn't contain A.
    Thank you