Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My experience on the Microsoft 70-695 and 70-696 exams

Recently I did both Microsoft 70-695 and 70-696 exams. Because the exams are available since January 2015, they are quite new. Let's have a look at my experience on this.

Exam 70-695 is about Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps

The exams covers the following topics:
-Implement an operating system deployment infrastructure (21%)
-Implement a Lite-Touch deployment (18%)
-Implement a Zero-Touch deployment (20%)
-Create and maintain desktop images (21%)
-Prepare and deploy the VDI application environment (20%)

Exam 70-696 is about Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps

The exams cover the following topics:
-Deploy and manage virtual applications (14%)
-Deploy and manage desktop and mobile applications (15%)
-Plan and implement software updates (16%)
-Manage compliance and endpoint protection settings (15%)
-Manage Configuration Manager clients (15%)
-Manage inventory using Configuration Manager (12%)
-Provision and manage mobile devices (12%)

Both exams will present you with a mixture of cases and multiple choice questions. There will be 50 questions in total, with 150 minutes time at maximum. This is kind of hard, because you don't know before start how many cases you have. Once a case is closed, you can't go back anymore. You must also study the cases above of reading the questions. In both exams I used all time available to answer the questions.

On exam 70-695 I had 4 cases with 22 questions in total. After that I had 28 multiple choice questions. I did use all my time for this, but it was enough. This because of the order in cases and multiple choice questions.
On exam 70-696 I started with 24 multiple choice questions, where I did take to much time. After that I had 4 cases with 26 questions in total, but I did must hurry to handle them all. In the last minutes and seconds I answered the last questions.

When time is up you are presented with the score immediately.

Lucky me (I did quite a lot of study and doing practice a lot) I passed both exams on first try. I used both Microsoft Exam Refs for studying. These books are quite nice and have a lot of practice questions as well. In my case this was enough to finish both exams :-)

Just have a look at this website for more information:
MS Learning: Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps

MS Learning: Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps
MS Press: Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps
MS Press: Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps

Exam Prep Session for Exam 70- 695 and Exam 70-696: Enterprise Devices and Apps (Part 1)

Exam Prep Session for Exam 70-695 and Exam 70-696: Enterprise Devices and Apps (Part 2)


  1. Thank you sharing your expirience.

  2. Hi, thanks for your helpful sharing of the 70-696 and 70-695 exam experience!!!

    I also passed my 70-696 and 70-695 exam last week, your helpful exam experience helped a lot for passing, thanks!

    p.s. I learned the valid 70-696 and 70-695 practice questions from http://j.mp/1SceA2M (70-696), http://j.mp/1NsP2bf (70-695)

  3. @Henk Hoogendoorn, thanks for your useful exam experience sharing, really helpful!

    @Tooy Kooy, good study materials, thanks for your valid comments!

  4. hi hrnk,

    i attempt last week exam, unfortunately not succeed , there was new case studies eg-datum and more do u have any ques answers for these case studies .

    1. Sorry to here that. Maybe the post from Tooy Kooy is helpful too? Good luck on study!

  5. hi tooy kooy..

    can u share the new practice file with new case studies. will be thankful


  6. hi tooy kooy..

    can u share the new practice file with new case studies. will be thankful



  7. Shekhar & SEMS, do you guys clear the exam, unfortunately i have missed by 20 points, my E-mail id is sbairu@live.com. Please share the information if you have.

  8. After studying for about 2-3 months, finally passed the 70-697 exam!!!

    Scored 912/1000!

    Total 52 questions, and they were mainly on App-V, Remote Apps, Intune reports and Azure, Networks (profiles), Workfolders...etc.

    Tips for passing 70-697 exam:

    1. When answersing the questions, do not rush, read every question carefully! Questions cover from Windows 10 to Remote Desktop, Firewalls, NTFS Perms, Share Perms, NTFS+ Share Perms, Intune Policies, Agent Stuff, Storage Spaces, Azure AD, Windows Store for Business, Group Policies, and so on. You should know every questions deeply before answering!
    2. Checking your answers again! Once you finish all your questions, please double check them!
    3. Understanding how to setup an Office 365 install using packager for App-V, which will help you a lot!

    If you want to get the most valid 70-697 dumps, I recommend you to try this one:


    (152q VCE and PDF dumps)

    All questions that appear in the actual 70-697 test are available in it, including the NEWEST questions, what's more, some wrong answers have been corrected in it!
    What's more,

    free version of that 152q dumps is available here:


    Good luck!

    70-695 and 70-696 and 70-698 dumps collection: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ob6L_QjGLpb3dxMGdNcmNvTVk

  9. Hope you still monitor , can you please share with me also ?

  10. Hi there,

    Can someone please share the practice file that includes the new case studies with me also.
    My address is alexandru.papa@gmail.com


  11. Hi there,

    Can someone please share the practice file that includes the new case studies with me also.
    My address is bma.ict4me@gmail.com

  12. Hi guys can some one share the paracise file for 70-695 & 70-695.
    I am going to write the exam.

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  13. Could somebody please provide me the practise files

  14. Hi, can someone please be so kind and share some of that content with me too. Kind Regards and thank you.

  15. Hello, Could somebody provide me the 70-696 practise exam files?
    I'll be very gratefull. Here's my mail wednesday13@vp.pl

  16. Assist with practice exam victormwaba@gmail.com

  17. Hello, Could somebody sent me 70-696 practise exam files? My address is shabeelmohammed@gmail.com