Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New functionality in ConfigMgr 2012 (vNext)

Now ConfigMgr R3 is released we must wait for ConfigMgr v.Next to get new functionality. Here is a (small) list of changes between ConfigMgr 2007 and v.Next:
  • While ConfigMgr 2007 is 32-bit, v.Next is 64-bit Native only! (some may require W2k8 R2)
  • Mobile Device Manager is built-in (so the product itself doesn't exist anymore)
  • SQL Server 2008 64-bit is required for the ConfigMgr database!
  • SQL Reporting Services is the only reporting platform, instead of standard reporting
  • Distribution groups are added for administrative purpose
  • The default "All" collections is minimized to All Systems only!
  • Advertisements are renamed into Deployments (and positioned better, because they were beneath Software Distribution in 2007)
  • Improvements to OS Deployment and Remote Control (now possible with the usage of CTRL-ALT-DEL)
  • There are some new System roles in it: Software Catalog Web Service Point, Software Catalog Web Site Point, Mobile device enrollment proxy point, Mobile device enrollment point (because of Mobile Device Manager functionality)
  • A migration from ConfigMgr 2007 will be a clean install, not an in-place installation!
  • Desired Configuration Management and Asset Intelligence roles are integrated into a “Assets and Compliance” tab
  • Software Updates auto-deployment (including Forefront definitions)!
  • The product is more user-based instead of computer-based! (e.g. software distribution to users)
  • And last but not least: v.Next looks like a real System Center product, and not like SMS 2003 ;o)

The product itself will be available end of 2011, so that takes another year! In the meanwhile we can play with the Beta version, so more information is on it's way!

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