Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome on the Configuration Manager Library!

I am Henk Hoogendoorn, 40 years and working as a Consultant & Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) at PQR in De Meern. My speciality is focussed is on Device Management and User Environment (the management of applications, desktops & clients, and keep it simple and effective). On that way i am often involved in designing and installing deployment solutions, and creating (ConfigMgr) environments.

This is of course possible with many products, but ConfigMgr is one of my favorites. This website has a lot of information about this product, and will be regular updated. Take it to your advantage, and come back often for new information. At present there is much information about vNext, this new release is planned for late 2011! Also R3 is on it's way, and is planned for later this year.

Come back later for more!

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