Monday, September 5, 2011

Integration with Configuration Manager 2007/2012

With System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 2007 there is many functionality available by default. With ConfigMgr 2012 this becomes even better, even MORE functionality will be in it. With both solutions there is the possibility to extend ConfigMgr with additional functionality. In this blog I will describe the most important ones.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010: Adding new Task Sequences, new options in Task Sequences, new Boot images and all build-in scripts in ConfigMgr. Have a look at this blogpost(s) for more information about this:

Application Virtualization (App-V): Adding App-V streaming functionality in ConfigMgr, so no App-V Management and/or Streaming server is needed anymore. Just publish and update App-V packages from within the ConfigMgr console! Have a look at this blogpost(s) for more information:

ForeFront Endpoint Protection (FEP) 2010: It is possible to fully manage ForeFront from within the ConfigMgr console. Just deploy the ForeFront clients and manage policies with ConfigMgr. Definition files can be downloaded with WSUS integration in ConfigMgr. More about that on TechNet:

User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0: With USMT it is possible to store files and/or settings during OS deployment migrations. With hard-link migration it is possible to migrate user accounts, files and settings in less time using megabytes of disk space instead of gigabytes. More about that can be found here:

Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS): Manage Software updates in ConfigMgr instead of WSUS, with even more control during installation. That way all management can be done in one single console, and additional ConfigMgr functionality as Maintenance Windows can be used. Have a look at this blogpost for this:

System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) 2011: When ConfigMgr and WSUS is used (both together), SCUP can be installed for non-Windows patches. That way patches from HP, Dell, Adobe and Java (for example) can be managed and deployed in WSUS integration in ConfigMgr! How to setup, is explained here:

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit V2: The Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit V2 contains 11 downloadable tools to help you manage and troubleshoot Configuration Manager 2007. It can be downloaded here:

Right Click Tools or SCCM Console Extensions: The Right Click Tools or SCCM Console Extensions installation adds additional functionaly for server and client management. It becomes very handy during management and troubleshooting. More information can be found here:

System Center Client Center: This tool is designed for IT Professionals to troubleshoot SMS/SCCM Client related Issues. The SCCM Client Center provides a quick and easy overview of client settings, including running services and SCCM settings in a good easy to use, user interface. Download it here:

With these tools more possiblities becomes available in ConfigMgr. Hopefully you have experienced new ideas with these products, and maybe more enthousiastic now to extend ConfigMgr functionality! Stay tuned for more later.

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