Monday, August 31, 2015

Download failed for content under context System, error 0x80070005

Last week I had a nasty issue, where a lot of clients didn't receive new packages and Windows/Endpoint Protection updates. Sometimes you where seeing new folders created in ccmcache, but they were deleted empty a few seconds later. When looking in Monitoring on the package the following status was seen: Failed to download update(s), error 0x80070005 (Access is denied) and Failed to install update(s), 0x80070005 (Access is denied). What's going on here?

Client Updates
Definition Updates
Looking in multiple logfiles I saw the following errors:

Download failed for content XYZ under context System, error 0x80070005
Download failed for download request {DCE900A1-B51F-46A6-B278-167C2F94C307}

User policy requested with no user credentials.
Sending location services HTTP failure message.
Successfully sent location services HTTP failure message.
Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 401, status 'Unauthorized'
GetDirectoryList_HTTP('http://<FQDN>/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/90812187-ade0-4dd8-b29f-66f5db5af2c1') failed with code 0x80070005.

CAS failed to download update (6983a782-828c-40b8-bf9c-c8e381e25f5e). Error = 0x80070005. Releasing content request.
ContentAvailable notification received from CAS.

I did a lot troubleshooting the issue (ConfigMgr client repair, ConfigMgr cache clear, Update distribution point), but in the end it was IIS Security. On 3 of 6 remote Site servers, IIS security (Windows authentication) was missing. After installing the role feature, the issue was solved right away! Still strange how this could happen, because in the past everything worked fine. When having the 0x80070005 error in the future, verify that Windows authentication is installed.

Hope it helps!

Source: SCCM 2012 - client waiting for content

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Automatically updating the Configuration Manager client

Great news! With the release of ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 and 2012 SP2 it's now possible to automatically update the ConfigMgr client. No need to use the client packages again (which are still created by default). The only thing needed is to have ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 or 2012 SP2 in-place, and make sure the automatic client upgrade feature is enabled on the Site server. After that all ConfigMgr clients will be upgraded to the new version, which is v5.0.8239.1203

Note: Select "Upgrade client automatically when new client updates are available". This is set on 7 days by default and is done on servers too. Just select "Do not update servers" if you don't want too.

Note: The new installation page is only present when the automatic client upgrade feature is enabled. Otherwise above screen will be skipped during installation. You can enable it after the update and then re-run the installer at a later time.

For operating system deployment (OSD) scenarios, you can still use the PATCH= parameter if you need the update applied right away. Otherwise, the installation of the update will take place at some random interval within the value specified.

After that clients will be updated within 7 days from installation time. Just great and handy to have this functionality now :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New: Veeam Management Pack v8 is now available!

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Veeam Management Pack (MP) v8 for System Center provides data-driven insights into business-critical applications, allowing your customers to track performance trends, analyze operational metrics and ensure the delivery of predictable SLAs.

Veeam MP v8 makes selling effortless by providing your customers with:

-Complete visibility into their Hyper-V, vSphere and Veeam backup infrastructures
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cumulative Update 1 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 and 2012 SP2 released

Last month (August 4th) Cumulative Update (CU) 1 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1 and 2012 SP2 is released. This update contains 25 fixes for various issues including an update version of the SCEP client, and contains all of the changes from prior cumulative updates.

Here's a list of issues that are fixed, there are quite a lot of them:
-Configuration manager client (2 fixes)
-Software distribution and content management (3 fixes)
-Operating system deployment (3 fixes)
-Administrator Console (2 fixes)
-Site systems (7 fixes)
-Microsoft Intune / Mobile Device Management (2 fixes)
-Reporting (2 fixes)

Additional changes that are included in this update:
-Asset Intelligence - An update for the authentication certificate in ConfigMgr Asset Intelligence is available
-Endpoint Protection - Revised February 2015 antimalware platform update for SCEP clients

-Endpoint Protection - The Citrix Connector Synchronization Task is unsuccessful when you install or use the Citrix Connector for ConfigMgr
-Operating systems other than Windows - Debian 8 is added to the list of supported platforms for software distribution

Just install it in your environment when experiencing problems described in this article. When not affected by these problems, Microsoft recommends to wait for the next service pack that contains this update. Great that CU1 is available now!
For more information or download the update have a look here:
Microsoft Support

What’s new in ConfigMgr and SCEP Technical Preview 3

Last week, ConfigMgr and SCEP Technical Preview 3 became available. Technical Preview 3 provides you with an early glimpse of the functionality that is planned for Q4 2015 (close to Windows 10), bringing with it full support for client deployment, upgrade, and management of Windows 10.

New features available in Technical Preview 3 include:
-Deployment of required applications to Windows 10 devices managed via on-premises mobile device management (MDM) – You now have the ability to deploy required applications to Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices managed via MDM with on-premises ConfigMgr infrastructure. (Intune subscription required)
-Cluster-aware settings – Servicing a cluster just became easier! With this third technical preview, you can deploy an update to a cluster while controlling the percent of servers that are online at any given time, and specify actions to run pre- and post-deployment. > Cluster-Aware Updating Overview
-High availability support with SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn – Using SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Groups, you now have improved support for both high availability and disaster recovery for the ConfigMgr database.
-Ability to run software update cleanup tasks – You can now schedule and run WSUS cleanup tasks from the ConfigMgr console. > Great feature!

Also included in this technical preview are features that were previously released in the first and second Technical Previews for ConfigMgr.

For more information and download have a look on:

Also, if you have a feature request, make sure to share your ideas on the new ConfigMgr UserVoice site.

Just download and enjoy this third Technical Preview!