Friday, October 7, 2011

Failed to run task sequence error in ConfigMgr 2007

When using (multiple) driver packages in a ConfigMgr task sequence it's possible that the following error message is displayed: "Failed To Run Task Sequence". This error message will be displayed before the task sequence will actually run, because ConfigMgr checks all packages that are connected in a task sequence.

When looking in the SMSTS.log file the following error message is displayed: "Failed to find ccm_SoftwareDistribution object for AdvertID="<AdvertID>", PackageID="<PackageID>", ProgramID="*". The Package ID displayed here refers to the driver package which is not found by the ConfigMgr task sequence.

To resolve the error message it's needed to update at least the driver package listed in the SMSTS.log file at "PackageID="<PackageID>". When no driver package is updated once before, do the same for all drivers packages which are connected in the task sequence.

Just select Distribution Points > Update Distribution Points on all driver packages needed, and look in the Package status for a new source version displayed. When starting the task sequence again (after reboot) the error message must be resolved.

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