Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Installation Prerequisite Check for ConfigMgr 2012

When starting a new ConfigMgr installation there are many prerequisites that must be configured first. In this blog I will mention the most important ones.

The most known requirements are:
  • Schema extensions: Configuration Manager Active Directory schema extensions are not required for site server installation, but are recommended to fully support the use of all Configuration Manager features; TechNet
  • WSUS SDK on site server: ConfigMgr software update points require at least WSUS v3.0 SP2.  If using a remote software update point, the WSUS administration console must be installed on the site server;
  • Microsoft RDC library registered: The Microsoft Remote Differential Compression (RDC) library must be registered for ConfigMgr site server installation; TechNet
  • SQL Server service running account: The logon account for the SQL Server service cannot be a local user account or LOCAL SERVICE.  You must configure the SQL Server service to use a valid domain account, NETWORK SERVICE, or LOCAL SYSTEM;
  • Verify site server permissions to publish to AD: The site server might be unable to publish to Active Directory. The computer account for the site server must have Full Control permissions to the System Management container in its Active Directory domain; TechNet
  • SQL Server version: ConfigMgr sites require a supported SQL Server version with required hotfixes for site database operations to succeed. Before Setup can continue, you must install a supported version of SQL Server on the specified site database server; TechNet
  • SQL Server sysadmin rights: Either the user account running Configuration Manager Setup does not have sysadmin SQL Server role permissions on the SQL Server instance selected for site database installation, or the SQL Server instance could not be contacted to verify permissions;
  • BITS installed: Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is required for the management point and distribution point site system roles. Also, check if IIS/BITS services are running properly. Setup cannot continue until BITS is installed and enabled in the IIS settings;

Most other Prerequisite Checks can be found HERE. These are for ConfigMgr 2007, but will still be valid for 2012 installation.

Also check additional SQL Server requirements mentioned in my other blogpost: SQL Server requirements for ConfigMgr 2012 installation

After all this is done, it's possible to have a "All prerequisite rules pass successfully" status before ConfigMgr 2012 installation!

Update 25-6-2012: Clues added for installation!


  1. for gods sake what is the point of copy pasting the errors and not giving any clue about them?

  2. You're right about that. Forgot that I think.. I will update this blogpost soon!

  3. I see text has been added stating "Update 25-6-2012: Clues added for installation", but where are those clues?

    I am getting the error as shown above for SQL Server Sysadmin rights, even though I am using a domain account for the SQL Server service and I have verified that the domain account also has sysadmin rights on the SQL Instance for Config Manager 2012.

    The error may also indicate that the pre-req checker is unable to contact the SQL server/instance even though this is on the local server (ie: CM2012 and SQL will be on the same server).

    Any suggestions?

  4. Hi, I put some TechNet links after the error messages. For the SQL Server Sysadmin right I recommended to add your installation account to the Local Administrators group on the CM2012/SQL Server.

  5. Also I add the CM2012 computer account to both CM2012 and SQL Server during installation.

  6. I've managed to get past the error listed above (under the heading "SQL Server Sysadmin rights"), by installing SQL with the default instance name of "MSSQLServer".

    When I tried the installation of CM2012 using a SQL instance name of "CONFIGMANAGER", I would get the error "Either the user account running config manager ....etc etc".

    My intention was to create separate SQL instances of "CONFIGMANAGER" and "OPERATIONSMANAGER" for each of the System Center Products, but it looks like I need to install them both into the "MSSQLSERVER" instance.

    Maybe having 3 instances "MSSQLSERVER", "CONFIGMANAGER", "OPERATIONSMANAGER" will also work, but I'm having success now, so not keen on starting all over again to try that.

    1. This also fixed it for me; I had everything else right; domain user account setup to run sql services, setspn configured, but it still wouldn't get pas prereq check until I reinstalled with the default instance and repatched that instance and then set sql services to start in those instances with the domain account previously setup. Finally it got past the prerequisite checks and I can get on with the sccm install.

  7. It must be possible to install ConfigMgr on a named instance either. Then use the format \ during installation. Have you tried if the SQL Server instance could be contacted to verify permissions?

  8. When I run the "Assess Server Readiness" tool from the splash screen of the DVD, all checks pass without problem.

    However, when I get to the last page of the Config Manager Installation, another pre-requisite check is run and this fails on "SQL Server service running account".

    I initially tried running all SQL services as "LOCAL SYSTEM" but have also tried running all SQL services with a domain account, that is a member of the server local administrators group and is granted the SQL sysadmin role.

    Still fails stating I must use "a valid domain account, NETWORK SERVICE, or LOCAL SYSTEM".

    I have followed all your guidlines as well as trying other peoples step-by-step installation procedures, without success. Clearly I am overlooking something.

  9. During installation for "Account Provisioning" add any SQL administrators in the "Specify SQL Server administrators" section. Make sure that you add the administrator who will install SCCM and the system account of the site server itself. In the illustration below I actually have a group in AD with my site servers.

  10. For My SCCM 2012 configuration; In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager; When I attempt to "Allow clients to upload files" (Default website -> Bits Uploads), I get the following error:

    An error occurred while enabling BITS uploads. Please check the event log for more details about the exception. Exception Message: External component has thrown an exception

    Am doing this for my SCCM 2012 server installation. So far I haven't got any help from the other forums!

  11. Need help i have configure the systems maanagement container and gave the machine full access and still getting error about verify publishing to active directory can someone help please email me at techking55@gmail.com

    1. Have you tried the following?

      You can grant the site servers computer account Full Control permission to the System container in Active Directory Domain Services, which results in the site server automatically creating the System Management container when site information is first published to Active Directory Domain Services. However, it is more secure to manually create the System Management container.

  12. I found that I had to add the CAS servers computer account into its own Administrators group.

  13. I added the local CAS server computer account to its own Administrators group.