Thursday, June 7, 2012

ConfigMgr 2012 Software Update classifications

When implementing ConfigMgr 2012 it's a good thing to use the product for patch management also. This because of better management above of default WSUS functionality. In ConfigMgr 2007 I preferred the ConfigMgr way already instead of WSUS. In the 2012 release patch management is even better, so there will be less discussion about the topic. Just use ConfigMgr 2012 for patch management!

When adding the Software Update point role, there must be some kind of configuration take place. This can be done on the role mentioned and on Site Components. On the Software Update point role a Proxy server can be configured. All other configuration must be done on Site Components. The following classifications are available here:
  • Critical Updates: Broadly released fixes for specific problems addressing critical, non-security related bugs.
  • Definition Updates: Updates to virus or other definition files.
  • Feature Packs: New feature releases, usually rolled into products at the next release.
  • Security Updates: Broadly released fixes for specific products, addressing security issues.
  • Service Packs: Cumulative sets of all hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and updates created since the release of the product. Service packs might also contain a limited number of customer-requested design changes or features.
  • Tools: Utilities or features that aid in accomplishing a task or set of tasks.
  • Update Rollups: Cumulative sets of hotfixes, security updates, critical updates, and updates packaged together for easy deployment. A rollup generally targets a specific area, such as security, or a specific component, such as Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • Updates: Broadly released fixes for specific problems addressing non-critical, non-security related bugs.

In ConfigMgr 2007 there was also a Driver classification. That one isn't available anymore in the 2012 release. That's because of the driver catalog in ConfigMgr:

Remember: Selecting above items doesn't download anything for you. It will only replicate WSUS catalog data, so you can see if updates are needed or not.


  1. Hello

    So if I have for example Lync 2010 server, and I want to include one or more updates for the Lync clients ( .MSP file) into the monthly software updates maintenance, under which classification should I find these updates ?


    1. Just select Lync in WSUS/ConfigMgr and start updating. No need to select a classification at all.