Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cannot start service OMSDK during OpsMgr 2012 setup

Today i ran into an error during a new (clean) OpsMgr 2012 installation. During the Prerequisite Check all went fine, but when installation started it went wrong. The errors started during the installation of new System Center services. There were errors like:
  • Cannot start service OMSDK on computer
  • The System Center Data Access service could not start
  • A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the System Center Data Access Service service to connect.
  • No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it <IP-address>:5724

I've seen a lot off solutions for this errors, but for me this were the right ones:

They mentions:

The service control manager waits for the time that is specified by the ServicesPipeTimeout entry before logging event 7000 or 7011. Services that depend on the Windows Trace Session Manager service may require more than 60 seconds to start. Therefore, increase the ServicesPipeTimeout value appropriately to give all the dependent services enough time to start.

We had the same problem both services failed to start after applying windows updates. It also caused a problem with de SQL reporting service(s) not automatically starting after a restart. The update that caused the problem for us was 'Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2677070)'. After removing that update both services started fine again and on servers with the SQL Reporting Service installed it would start automatically once again.

After this the Data Access service was started and OpsMgr 2012 installation was continuing! How it's possible that Microsoft releases a patch (which is still available) that brakes the OpsMgr 2012 setup? Hope they have a fix for this issue soon.


  1. Thank you. I have the same problem. I removed the patch and all is up.

  2. My pleasure! :)

    Great that it's working now.

  3. Thanks Henk! Just had this problem aswell after the client installed KB2677070 on a production SCOM 2012 environment. Uninstalling the patch and rebooting each management server allowed the Data Access service to start again, which enabled them to load the SCOM Console. Thank for posting this article - and greets from Australia.

  4. My head can now recover from all the head scratching this problem has caused me!


  5. Same problem here!
    Thread VERY helpful!
    How could Microsoft!?

  6. Same problem here!

  7. Thanks for feedback! :)

    For it seems it isn't fixed one month after the update.

  8. Yip, same here.
    Cheers for the wee fix!

  9. Thank,Thanks,Thanks..

    I had same problem with scom 2007 R2.....

  10. Check also this Link for Solution


  11. Thx Henk. Save my remaining hairs!
    John Bradshaw

  12. Hi Henk,

    Can you please help me to understand , how we can create cutom dashboard with SCOM, Visio, Sharepoint.


    1. Hi Sanesh, Just have a look at this blogpost to get an idea. Hope it helps!