Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No reports available in ConfigMgr 2012 console

ConfigMgr 2012 has reporting functionality build-in, based on SQL Reporting Services (SRS). Today I had a issue that reports aren't available in the ConfigMgr console. What's going wrong here?

When looking at SRS on the SQL Server everything was configured fine. In Reporting Services Configuration Manager a Service Account was set (a domain user, which is a best practice), and the Report Manager URL was displayed fine also. All ConfigMgr reports were displayed here!

First a few captures to display the issue:

A Windows domain user account is configured in RSCM

Starting the Report Manager URL shows no errors..

But no reports are displayed in the ConfigMgr console

Searching on the web I found an recommendation to use the Local system account as SRS Service Account. I changed above configuration from Windows domain user account to a Local system account and it's working again. Strange thing that Microsoft recommends to use a Windows domain user account, but it's not working that way.

The following captures displays the solution:

Configure the Service Account to use Local system in RSCM

After change have a look in the ConfigMgr console again

Nice to have 423 items in Reports again. Just use Local system in SRS Service Account from now on, to pass this issue.

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