Friday, November 23, 2012

ConfigMgr 2012 Site Backup failure

In ConfigMgr 2012 Site Maintenance, the Backup Site Server can be enabled. That way a backup is created from your ConfigMgr Site Server. ConfigMgr provides a backup maintenance task that runs on a schedule and backs up the site database, specific registry keys, and specific folders and files. The Backup Site Server maintenance task does not include a backup for the content library or the package source files. When a site server fails, the information about the content library files is restored to the site database, but you must restore the content library and package source files on the site server.

During backup the SMS Writer service is used. This is a service that interacts with the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) during the backup process. The SMS Writer service must be running for the Configuration Manager site back up to successfully complete. Just make sure that this service is running!

When creating a Maintenance plan in ConfigMgr there is a choice for Destination options. When selecting "Network path (UNC name) for site data and database" a UNC path is needed where both ConfigMgr data and SQL data is saved. Just create one folder, place a (hidden) share on it, and data will be saved. When selecting "Local drives on site server and SQL server" a local drive on both ConfigMgr and SQL server is needed for backup. Backup data for ConfigMgr will be saved on the local drive specified on the ConfigMgr server. Backup data for SQL will be saved on the local drive on the SQL server.

Microsoft recommends as a best practice, to keep multiple archives of the backup snapshot. You can create the AfterBackup.bat file to perform post-backup actions automatically after the backup maintenance task runs successfully. The AfterBackup.bat file is most frequently used to archive the backup snapshot to a secure location. However, you can also use the AfterBackup.bat file to copy files to your backup folder and start other supplemental backup tasks.

Sometimes there are ConfigMgr alerts created, that no Site Backup is possible. Error message: "Backup folder does not exist or backup service does not have permission to access the folder." Just make sure that NTFS and Share permissions are in place and the following workaround is used: Create a sub-folder under the existing Backup folder and configure the backup task accordingly to this folder. Note: This issue is schedule to be addressed in Service Pack 1 and is described HERE.

Additional information on Backup Site Server task can be found HERE. Hope it helps!

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