Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Program Files cannot be located on a Distribution point

In ConfigMgr 2007 or 2012 the following error message can be displayed during boot image loading: "Program Files cannot be located on a Distribution point". This error message (which is still valid in ConfigMgr 2012) can be passed with the following: Select "When no local distribution point is available, use a remote distribution point" in the advertisement/deployment.

I think it's because the client is on a different subnet then the ConfigMgr server/Distribution Point? Anyway, this helps!!


  1. This solved the issue for me!! So happy this has been a hold up for 3 weeks! Hmm straight on to the next problem though.

    My network is flat so no subnet issues. I think I have a problem with the DP somewhere.

    1. Thanks for feedback. Glad I could helped you out here!