Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to change language in Windows Intune Console?

A while ago I installed Windows Intune for our company. When you setup your account, and choose Dutch for region, all consoles will be displayed in Dutch by default. But what to do when you want to change language to English? This because my Windows 8 system is installed in English language also. I don't want a Dutch language on my device for doing management :)

Here are the steps which must be taken.

First open the Admin Overview for Windows Intune and choose My profile. Within My profile it's possible to change your Display language to English (for example). Just choose save and your done!? Yes, partly! When opening the Company Portal or Admin Console they will be still displayed in Dutch language. This because of Internet Explorer settings. That settings must be changed also.

Open Properties - Internet options for that in Internet Explorer. Choose Languages - Set Language Preferences. Just make sure English (for example) is the first choice in the list here. In my case it was set to Dutch first, and English as a second choice. Just choose Move up and you're done. The Company Portal or Admin Console will also be in English from now on!

Much better this way :)

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