Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Continue TechNet or create an affordable alternative to MSDN subscriptions

Two weeks ago i posted a blog that Microsoft is going to stop the TechNet Subscription service. What I didn't posted yet is that a petition is available. If you think Microsoft has to continue TechNet or create an affordable alternative to MSDN subscriptions, You can sign this petition to let Microsoft know you're not happy with their decision. Are you happy with it?


Reaching 5,000 signatures would be a HUGE for us! There has to be a way we can make it happen. Help to push us over the top. I'd offer to get a mo-hawk except I know we'll reach 5,000 and I'd have to do it!

Update 10-7-2013: I just signed the petition "Create an affordable alternative to MSDN subscriptions comparable to TechNet." on

Update 24-7-2013: If you feel compelled to act, please write Microsoft. Start with Steve Ballmer. His email address should be Outline in your own words reasons for keeping TechNet open and its importance to you. We need your help gathering email addresses. If you find any please share them. (message from Cody Skidmore,

Update 25-7-2013: If you receive a reply from Microsoft please let us know. Email us at

Update 2-8-2013: We have a new email discussion list thanks to Rod Trent and Susan Bradley. I can't express enough gratitude for what they've done. The discussion list opens up communication so everyone can help guide the direction of our effort to save TechNet. You can subscribe to the list or its RSS feed by visiting

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