Thursday, September 12, 2013

Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) is officially no more

A few months ago (in April actually) rumors were saying there's no MMS next year anymore. This because no new date and location were mentioned during MMS 2013. You can read more on that here: No MMS 2014 next year anymore?

After many months there's something new to mention (by Ed Hap Aldrich on Facebook): Apparently the word is out now: Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) is officially no more. Time for the community to step into the void.

Rod Trent (CEO & Founder at, Inc.) reacted on the topic with: Not to worry...we're already moving forward:

Curious what next year will bring. Early next year there's NIC (Nordic Infrastructure Conference):

After that we'll see what 2014 will bring..

Note: For me MMS was great for networking, community and sessions. Been there three times ('09, '12, '13) and was getting better every time! Hope there will be a good alternative for this.

Update: Read the "The History of MMS" for an overview and "Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend" for more information.

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