Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Join us this Friday, June 27th for our Quick- Xian SNMP Device Simulator demo at 9 AM EST (New York)/ 15:00 PM CET (Zurich/Amsterdam) / 18:30 AM IST (New Dehli).

Prize: Participants can join our raffle to win a small bundle license. This license allows you to simulate up to 50 devices!

What you’ll learn in this demo:
  • Add several IP addresses for simulation automatically with our IP Manager.
  • Capture the exact same behavior of a real device with our Device Recorder and test systems without any risks.
  • Learn the basic procedure to simulate SNMP based devices.
  • Simulate changes on different device components and understand how systems interacting with these components react.
  • Learn how to simulate a specific dynamic behavior over and over again with the Historical simulation feature.
  • Learn how to export/import devices configurations and information for backup purposes or to reuse them later on.
  • Perform several operations like simulating devices and importing configurations through the command prompt or a script.

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