Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meet Windows 10: The New Generation of Windows

Yesterday I watched Windows 10: The Next Chapter. A great 2 hour during show with information on Windows 10, Office, Project Spartan, Xbox One, Surface Hub, HoloLens and many more. Let's have a look at some information I have gathered so far.

  • Windows 10 is free for all Windows 7, 8.1 and Phone 8.1 devices as a upgrade (first year only);
  • Windows 10 is called "Windows as a service", with new functionality coming every year;
  • Windows 10 is so much more then a new version of Windows, it's a new generation of Windows;
  • Cortana (digital assistant) is running on Windows 10 PC's now also (not available in NL yet);
  • New Office for Windows 10 will be included on small devices like smartphones and tablets;
  • New Office is optimized for smartphones and tablets with full desktop functionality;
  • Universal Apps like the new photo app and photo album is running on same code on PC's and phones;
  • A new web browser is included in Windows 10 called Project Spartan, with many new features;
  • Internet Explorer will still be available (next to Project Spartan) for compatibility reasons;
  • Cortana is build-in the Project Spartan browser to expand browser experience, making it even better;
  • Xbox One games can be played on Windows 10 PC's as well with the Xbox app. Xbox One is running Windows 10 also;
  • New builds available for PC's in the next week, First build for phones coming in February;
  • Microsoft Surface Hub is a 84-inch 4k display with multi-touch, sensors and pen support;
  • Microsoft HoloLens makes holographics possible with special glasses (see-through lenses) > cool!;
  • Microsoft HoloLens will be available in the same timeframe as Windows 10;
  • Windows 10 is build for a world with lots of data and devices, with new experiences;
  • Skype for Windows 10 will be built-in by default, with new features making it easier to use;
  • No Windows 10 for Windows RT devices, like Surface RT and Surface 2 RT. Windows RT is no longer.

As you can see great features and functionality are coming our way! Just enjoy the new Windows 10 build next week and stay connected for more information. Hope to experience the new version soon on my Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has done a great job here!

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  1. From my experience,none of the operating systems were much great before SP1 (OSR2 for Windows 95).The original Windows 95 didn't even support USB,despite everything you needed to utilize DOS at whatever point an issue came up.Indeed the original Windows wasn't much use until Windows 3.1, and I think DOS got to version 4 preceding it was any great.The fact is,whether you utilized each of those OSs from SP1 stage,even Vista,they were all pretty solid. When its all said and done, the Windows 7 everybody loves now is basically simply a re-badged Vista.

    Laura Smith.