Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Most wanted features in ConfigMgr requested by customers

In my daily work I'm doing ConfigMgr implementations a lot. Multiple features missing in ConfigMgr 2007 were implemented in the 2012 release, which is still an awesome product (if you ask me)! Let's have a look at the most wanted features requested by customers. Don't know for sure what the 'vnext' release will bring, but still want to mention them. When having more, just leave a comment.

1) Hash value error during deployment: When updating a single package during deployment, which is part of a OSD task sequence, it fails because of hash value. When having a large enterprise company, it's hard to explain this! Maybe OSD and packaging are different teams then. Or people are working 24 hours around the globe in a single ConfigMgr Site. Just offer both old and new hash for a few hours and don't let the task sequence fail because of this! A colleague mentions: When this is the case, ConfigMgr isn't an enterprise product, and I think he is right on this point. (Must check it again)
2) Continue task sequence after error: It's crazy that when a task sequence fails (which happens a lot during testing), you cannot restart the task sequence from the point it fails. One mistake and you can start all over again, or you must enable "continue on error" on every step or group. Why not ask a question if you want to continue OSD after all? Makes life a lot easier during imaging.
3) User Environment Management (UEM): When customers want UEM functionality, they must use Group Policy, Preferences, MS UE-V, RES Workspace Manager, Imideo Flex Profiles or AppSense. Why not building more of Group Policy and Profile management in ConfigMgr, so you have best of both worlds? Hope that this part is available in the 'vnext' release, because Windows 10 may be controlled with ConfigMgr completely! Source: Windows 10 enterprise management with System Center Configuration Manager and Intune
4) Application control after deployment: When customers using ZENworks Configuration Manager (ZCM), it's hard to sell the ConfigMgr product. This is not because of imaging, which is a very strong selling feature! It's because of UEM and application control, which is part of ZCM by default. No way you can deploy shortcuts and decide on which time an application becomes available and on which time it's removed. This feature is requested in education a lot, where exams must be available on specific times only. Hope this will be way better in the 'vnext' release, not only on Windows 10, but on applications also.

5) Show collection membership for systems: One of great features of Powershell Right Click Tools, which let you you see in which collections a system or user resides. Should be default functionality in ConfigMgr if you ask me. Why not adding more management tools by default on systems and collections?
6) Black screen when using remote control: Hide the screen from the end user, when typing in sensitive information. Can be a valuable feature, because other remote tools offers this functionality also. Instead of a black screen, a message like "work in progress, please wait" is a nice-to-have also.
7) Change Distribution point (DP) when not available: When you have multiple DP's in the same IP-range, and content is available on one DP only, ConfigMgr is waiting for content and fails afterwards. Content is randomly selected on DP's, so you don't know at forehand which DP is selected per package.
When adding content during deployment on the other DP, it will still continue (lucky enough). Better would be, when ConfigMgr doesn't see the needed content on a DP, it will use another one automatically.

Update 15-4-2015:
8) Enforce installation or upgrade during logon/logoff: Software installation can take place when a user is logged on or logged off, but sometimes you want to update a critical component. Best thing to do is to enforce this during logon or logoff, like Group Policy, without the possibility to use the component on the system. This isn't possible at the moment, so companies which are in 24/7 business, have a challenge that way.

Hope that some of features mentioned here are build-in a next release, or added at a later time. Time will tell ;)

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