Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Setup could not install SQL RMO, ConfigMgr installation cannot be completed

During a new ConfigMgr installation, I get the following error: "Setup could not install SQL RMO, ConfigMgr installation cannot be completed". I did a lot of ConfigMgr installations before, and thought everything was set right. A forum post was mentioning you need to download Client setup files again, instead of using existing ones. That did however not the trick! Let's have a look at this strange error.

On Gerry Hampson Device Management the following solution is mentioned: 1. Go to your download prerequisites folder. Uninstall the SQL Management Object by executing SharedManagementObjects.msi. Run the ConfigMgr setup again. or 2. Go to your download prerequisites folder. Install sqlncli.msi and SQLSysClrTypes.msi manually. Run the ConfigMgr setup again.

In my case it wasn't possible to install or uninstall SharedManagementObjects.msi. Installing sqlncli.msi wasn't possible either because a reboot of the server was needed. So I did a reboot on the ConfigMgr server and installation went fine after all. Still strange the message mentioned in the wizard doesn't look like you need to restart the server before starting setup again! ;)

Hope it helps!


  1. OMG! Spent 2 hours searching for a solution. "Have you tried turning it off, and then back on again?" Thanks, it worked :D

  2. Thank you, this applies to SCCM Current Branch as well. At least it did in my instance. Specifically, re-running SharedManagementObjects.msi. Good find.

  3. Thanks for your blog Henk, great stuff.

    Had the same error described here but I had to take a slightly different approach.

    1) Ran Sharemanagementobjects.msi and installed the components
    2) Ran msxml6_x64.msi (also in the prerequisites folder)

    My log was showing msxml6_64.msi returning an error code, running the component manually appears to have fixed the issue.

  4. Hi guys =) thanks for your inspiration (now it works). @ Ull Rotta (the same by me).

    I have run it in HyperV with Server 2012R2 , first SQL Server 2012 and later update to SP1 in my testlab @ home (for my new jobrole)

    Its funny (you can run: precheck without errors and i was very happy .. and finaly then the s.... SQL RMO error ;) ... . My next step is to built a Testlab for SCCM 2016. I am Newbie @ SystemCenter ;/

  5. I had the same error for more that 10 times, what I did was I reduced the sql memory size limit and it worked.

  6. Great stuff, this helped out in my installation as well. Thanks a lot.