Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Learn PowerShell basics free tutorial course - Veeam

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LEARN POWERSHELL - From Basics To A Coding Star
With the release of Windows 2012, Microsoft's PowerShell has moved toward automation. Our courses are designed to help you become familiar with the powerful PS scripts. And it’s FREE! 

Kickstart your PowerShell experience
The first episode we will focus on taking your first steps into the PowerShell world (
Understanding CMDlets, Storing Values, Looping, The Pipeline)
Getting stuff done with PowerShell
The second episode we will focus on some simple scripts and useful available options unique to PowerShell (
Reporting, Job Scheduler, Creating your Own Scripts, Remote Execution)
Automate your Veeam Experience
The last episode we will focus on Veeam integration with PowerShell (
Custom Reporting, Creating Jobs, Mass Job Updates, Custom Scheduling)

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