Monday, September 21, 2015

How to delete multiple driver categories in ConfigMgr at once?

When using Dell Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) within ConfigMgr you can import drivers automatically, assign driver categories and create driver packages. Sounds easy isn't it? Recently I had a ConfigMgr environment at customer location with hundreds of driver categories. They all were named the same and they are a administrative nightmare for sure. The categories from Dell known were E7250_7250 and E7450_7450. You cannot delete all these categories at once unfortunately.

When you go to Manage Categories, select them all (which must be done one by one) and choose delete, it only deletes the first one selected. For it seems the multiple selection functions only to assign drivers, not to delete or rename them. Doing it one by one will take an entire day of clicking for sure. Therefore I used the following PowerShell command, which does the job in seconds..

Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\sms\site_xxx" -Class "SMS_CategoryInstance" | ? { $_.CategoryTypeName -eq "DriverCategories" -and $_.LocalizedCategoryInstanceName -like "yyy" } | % { Write-Host "Deleting category $($_.LocalizedCategoryInstanceName)..."; $_.Delete() }

Just make sure to rename the site code "xxx" in the WMI namespace and "yyy" with "E7250_7250" or another model. After that the ConfigMgr database will be clean and clear again :-)

Source: Delete multiple driver admin categories?


  1. Hi Henk, what happen when i removed the category of the specific driver from the driver pacakge ?

    uncategorized driver is install or not in deploying this driver package

  2. Thanks this worked perfectly!