Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jalasoft announces Xian Network Manager v7

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For more than ten years Jalasoft has been supporting Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Today this is coming to an end. Jalasoft decided to disconnect their flagship product, Xian Network Manager.

The next version Xian NM v7, will no longer connect with SCOM, will run on Linux Ubuntu and use PostgreSQL as the main repository. This all with the goal to make System Monitoring affordable for the home market Jalasoft is located, Bolivia and Latin America.

Xian NM v7 will contain all the monitoring power for network devices that the previous versions had and on top of that it will monitor now also other parts of your infrastructure such as desktops, servers, generators. The big thing now is that you do not need SCOM anymore, Xian NM v7 works completely on its own. It is the perfect tool to start monitoring your environment.

Jalasoft has grown in the past 15 years from a small 6 person company to over 600 people, making it the biggest software company in its kind in South America. With customer all over the world, we feel it is time that South American businesses have access to qualitative and affordable IT solutions.

Have a look here for more information.

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