Monday, March 7, 2011

Move default collections in ConfigMgr 2007

When installing ConfigMgr 2007, there are many default collections in the console. Most collections will be never used actually. Only the "All Systems" is handy for recognizing all devices. Best thing is to move the default collections to a new collection. How this works I will explain in this blog.

In ConfigMgr 2007 there are 17 default collections after installation. In ConfigMgr 2012 there will be default 2 User collections and 5 Device collections. Much better that way!

Because all these collections are filling up the console, it's better to moves the ones not using. To do this create a new collection (for example: All Microsoft collections). Now right-click on this collection, and choose New - Link to collection. Browse for the collection you want to move, and choose OK. This will copy the collection (and query) to the new collection.

Do this for every collection that's not used. Most of times only the "All Systems" collection is handy for use. The other collections becomes sub-collections of the new "All Microsoft collections" collection (and will be still available afterwards)! Delete the original collections after copying, these are not necessary anymore. In my console it will looks like this (after copying and deleting):

Beneath "All Microsoft collections" and "Software Distribution" are my sub-collections. The first for moved default collections, and the second for all Applications that are bound to user groups. That way the console is clear of collections that are not used often!

The moved collections can still be used for advertisements, so don't worry about that. It's only handy for a clear view in ConfigMgr 2007.

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