Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New functionality in ConfigMgr 2012 B2 (part1)

Today I installed ConfigMgr 2012 Beta 2 again with my PQR collegue Stephan Wibier. Now also the default configuration (Administration) is done, for getting new functionality to work. This installation will be used to manage the virtual (www.virtuall.eu) environment, and will also be used for Patch management. We have seen many new functionalities today! Till now they are all improvements!

First I have added Domain Admins in Administrative Users, so my other PQR collegues can also make use of the new ConfigMgr functionality! Now let's start to configure ConfigMgr 2012 B2! First I go to Discovery Methods. New in here is "Active Directory Forest Discovery". When enabling this feature there are two (2) checkboxes. These will be automatically add the boundaries for you! Now is that handy or not?

When enabling other Discovery Methods (for example: Active Directory Security Group, System or System Group discovery) a full discovery will be run automatically. Also "Enable delta discovery" is enabled by default now. The only discovery method enabled by default (after a fresh installation) is the Heartbeat Discovery. The new items will soon be displayed in the collections.

After this collections will be filled beneath "Assets and Compliance". There are now less collections then ConfigMgr 2007. Things are organized better now! There will be default collections for Users, Devices, User Collections and Device Collections. Beneath User and Device Collections are the additional collections. These will be displayed for make it clearer.

New User collections are:

New Device collections are:

The console performance is must better then before! This because it's running in Silverlight now. Functionality in the ConfigMgr console is found on a logical place now. No searching for options anymore, but just find it quick and easy with the new ribbon! In every step in the ConfigMgr console, the ribbon is available! No/less right clicking anymore..

This is functioning all well, what a great product/upgrade this is! Also the different tabs (also found in other Microsoft products) are in place now: Administration, Software Library, Monitoring & Assets and Compliance.

More soon!

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