Thursday, April 21, 2011

Remote Control functionality in ConfigMgr 2012

Remote Control functionality is much better in ConfigMgr 2012. In ConfigMgr 2007 it was already a widely used feature, but it will be more used now! This because Remote Control functionality has more options available, which are very good.

The first one is named "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del key". In ConfigMgr 2007 it was not possible to remote Control a device, which was not logged-on. Then the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) was used to logged-on a device. It was also not possible to logout and logon with another user (for example: Administrator account). This functionality is available in ConfigMgr 2012 now!

The second one is named "Enable Clipboard Sharing", which becomes very handy when copy and paste actions must be done. Most of times this functionality is needed during troubleshooting a device.

The third one is named "Lock remote Keyboard and Mouse". When Remote Control a device now, there can be set a lock on the remote device. Then a user logged-on the device, cannot use his/her own keyboard and mouse during the remote session anymore.

Don't forget to configure the "Default Client Agent Settings", which is needed to have it all functional. Most settings are configured by default here. Only Permitted viewers must configured to users which receive the "Remote Control" rights. Other settings can be configured in this screen as well.

All functionality named here is very useful. So I will repeat my line from start: Remote Control functionality is much better in ConfigMgr 2012.

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