Friday, April 15, 2011

Deploying Software Updates in ConfigMgr 2012

Now Patch Management is configured right, Software Updates will be deployed to all devices with the ConfigMgr client installed. You may want to see what's the difference in this new release. I have some screenshots created for you then.

When updates are available for the device, an icon will be displayed in the System tray. This will blink when a reboot is required. When rightclick on this icon, different options will be available.

When updates are available but not installed yet, there is the choice for install immediately or outside configured business hours. There is also the option here to change software installation settings, and restart the computer.

In Software Center this will looks like this. There is the option here to install and/or reboot the computer.

During installation the progress bars for all updates are shown. This will have an randomly order during installation.

After installing, the restart will be pending. This depends on configuration and "Maintenance Windows" of course.

There is also another "Restart your computer" window that looks like this. When Software Updates have not reach the deadline, Snooze is also available. Otherwise Restart is the only option here.

Patch Management in ConfigMgr 2012 Beta 2 is fully functional now!