Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One management product to rule them all

As mentioned in my other blogposts, Service Pack 1 for System Center 2012 will become available in Q1 2013. With SP1 for ConfigMgr 2012 (which is part of System Center) a lot of new functionality is added to this already awesome product. In this blogpost I created an overview of all ConfigMgr Client support for this product. Expect a lot of new possibilities: One product to manage them all.

ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 will do management on the following OSEs:
Client devices:
  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, 
  • Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8
  • Windows To Go
Server devices:
  • Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP1)
  • Windows Server 2012
Thin Clients based on Windows XP SP3:
  • Windows Embedded Standard 2009
  • Windows XP Embedded SP3
  • Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (WinFLP)
  • Windows Embedded POSReady 2009
  • WEPOS 1.1 with SP3
Thin Clients based on Windows 7:
  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 with SP1
  • Windows Embedded POSReady 7
  • Windows Thin PC (SA benefit)
MAC Computers:
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
Linux and UNIX Servers:
  • AIX version 5.3, 6.1, 7.1
  • HP-UX version 11iv2, 11iv3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 4, 5, 6
  • Solaris version 9, 10, 11
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) version 9, 10 SP1, 11
Mobile devices (Depth management):
  • Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5 (phones)
  • Nokia Symbian Belle (phones)
EAS connected Mobile devices (Light management):
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Android, iOS (phones and tablets)
Windows Intune integration (Depth management): 
  • Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8
  • Windows Runtime (RT) tablets
  • Android, iOS (phones and tablets)

Are you excited yet about all Operating Systems which can be managed? With ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 (and Windows Intune integration) all modern OSEs can be managed for Servers, Clients, Thin Clients and Mobiles. Installing ConfigMgr is not about managing Windows clients anymore, it's about managing a whole range of devices. The future is bright!

Resources: Supported Configurations for Configuration Manager

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