Monday, May 13, 2013

My Samsung ATIV S review, a lot of phone for your money

Last month I received my new mobile phone for the next 2 years. After using Android for the last years, both 2.x and 4.x versions, it was time for something different. Because I'm using iOS already on my iPad, my choice was fallen on Windows Phone 8. This also because colleagues who are using Windows Phone 7 are still happy after using the device for over 2 years! When looking for a high-end Windows Phone 8 device you have the choice between Nokia, HTC and Samsung. For me it was Nokia Lumia 920 or Samsung ATIV S to choose from. After many sleepless nights (LOL) I decided to order the ATIV S. This because of the larger display, better battery and less weight. For me it was the better choice. Let's start the review!

Samsung announced their Windows Phone first last year, but released it last at all. This probably because Samsung wants to sell Android (Galaxy) phones as much as possible, and Windows Phone is just a second choice. Nokia on the order hand are selling Windows Phone devices as much as possible. When you go for good support or multiple device choices, Nokia is the better choice here. For me I was looking for something new, looking at price and specifications, Samsung is the better choice. ATIV S can be ordered for over 100 euros less than Lumia 920. ATIV S has a larger 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display, a 2300mAh battery and is just 135 grams in weight. Last but not least ATIV S has a replaceable battery and SD-card. ATIV S has a physical start button (to unlock the device and go to the start screen) and can be used 2 days on a single battery load. Not bad I guess :)

Enclosed an comparison between HTC 8X, Lumia 920 and ATIV S:

For me Windows Phone 8 OS is a relief, I really think it's a very good OS. It' s very fast, looking good, handy in usage, live tiles are just great, supports integration with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and offers something new! There is a good search option for installed apps, much settings to configure (more then I thought actually). Bing integration is nice for a daily random wallpaper, Microsoft apps like Office, OneNote, Internet Explorer, Xbox, Skype, Lync and Skydrive are all in place. There are less apps available when using Android, but for most apps there's an alternative app available. More apps are coming every day! The persons tile shows contacts with all information available, like Mail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn data. Photos and videos can be saved in the cloud (Skydrive) immediately.

I think I like my new phone more then earlier phones, just because of Windows phone OS. That's definitely a compliment to Microsoft! When Windows Blue is released later this year (look HERE for more information about it), Windows Phone will be even better I guess. Hope you like my review, and think about a Windows Phone device yourself. For questions about Windows Phone just use comments below. Samsung ATIV S: a lot of phone for your money!


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