Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reporting Services - No Reports shows up in Console!

When installing Reporting Services for ConfigMgr integration, it's possible that no reports shows up in the ConfigMgr console. This because a domain user (as recommended) is used, and no additional permissions are set on that account. In this blogpost I explain how to install Reporting Services, which account permissions are needed, and how ConfigMgr integration is done.

First Reporting Services on a SQL Server (instance) is needed. This can be installed once per instance. In SCCM 2007 it could be used only in the default instance (which is named MSSQLSERVER). In ConfigMgr 2012 it can be used both on a default or named instance. During installation use a domain user (service) account. Special permissions are set after installation.

Important: Before doing ConfigMgr integration make sure reporting is working okay already. Just open "Reporting Services Configuration Manager" and click on browse at Web Service URL and Report Manager URL. The following results must be seen then:
Result on Web Service URL (1)
Result on Report Manager URL (1)

After that install the Reporting services role in ConfigMgr on the server where the Reporting Services database is installed. On other servers it's not possible to configure the role for reporting. Just use the same (service) account which was used before. Choose verify and make sure all fields are filled-in correctly. Now let's have a look if reports are showing up. Click again on both URL's:
Result on Web Service URL (2)
Result on Report Manager URL (2)

If all is okay, reports are showing up in ConfigMgr console also. When this is not the case additional permissions are needed. Most of time this is needed when Reporting Services is installed on a different server. Just click on the arrow next to ConfigMgr in the Report Manager URL and choose Security. Click "New Role Assignment". Fill in the (service) account used for Reporting Services before. Select all available roles (or less when needed). Just do the same for the domain administrator account also. Select OK and restart the "SQL Server Reporting Services" to enable it.

It will looks like this:

That's it for now. Reporting Services reports should be available in the ConfigMgr console now. They can be used from the URL also; results are the same. Subscriptions can be set on both places.

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