Monday, October 14, 2013

What’s new on Netflow Monitoring with Feature Xian NM 2012 SP2

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Jalasoft is proud to announce the upcoming release of service pack 2 for Xian Network Manager (NM) 2012. Among all the new features and improvements that will be present in SP2, we can highlight several enhancements on the side of Netflow monitoring:

-Support for Netflow version 9: Xian NM can now properly receive and process Netflow traffic from any device that has Netflow version 9 enabled.
-Dashboards: You can now create an OpsMgr dashboard that contains performance graphs from the top N elements associated to a default or custom filter.
-Monitoring of Top N elements: Define the top N elements that will be sent to OpsMgr, to avoid many objects visible.
-Sampling: Choose if all the Netflow packets received from the devices sending their data to Xian NM.

Just have a look at this blogpost, which mentions What’s new on Netflow Monitoring Feature with Xian NM 2012 SP2.

News as of today is that Xian NM SP2 will be released this coming Tuesday October 15th.

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