Sunday, May 11, 2014

Direct management of Android devices in Windows Intune

Within Windows Intune it's possible to manage (mobile) devices. Because an agent is installed, we can use Direct management instead of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which is limited. When Windows Intune v5.0 was released, it was needed to have ConfigMgr 2012 R2 integration configured. Otherwise new functionality (selective wipe, Android support, advanced policies) were not available. With the latest update however these are within Intune standalone now also. Let's have a look how to enroll an Android device (for example).

In this situation I'm using a HP SlateBook 10 x2 PC with Android 4.2 installed on it. Just browse in Google Play and search for "Windows Intune". When installed credentials must be given. Just logon with your Intune credentials (which are [user]@[domain] and enrollment is done already. When applications and/or policies are deployed, they will be activated within 5 minutes. Same for properties on the device in Admin console. Just give it a minute :-)

Policy is not applied as expected

- It's really easy setup, especially on Android devices. No certificates needed at all.
- Enrollment of devices is almost real-time. Retirement is done within approximately 15 minutes.
- APK files can be downloaded for free, without the need to register them or install a certificate.

- Remote Lock and/or Passcode Reset, which are added in the last update.

- Retirement is done within 24 hours max. That will be way faster in a later update.
- Every [?] minutes you must fill-in credentials again on Intune console and Company portal.
- Focus is on Microsoft and iOS, not that much on Android. Almost no settings available.
- When retire the device, apps and data remain installed which were installed by Intune before.

No Required install because greyed out

When deploying apps you can choose for a Available install only. No Required install or Uninstall can be choosen. Maybe the're for Windows Operating Systems only!? Pity that this isn't possible.

Next time I will use my iPad for enrollment. Hope that will give me more control on the device.. On Android I can enable passwords, encryption and disable the camera. That's all? Yes for now..

The Windows Intune roadmap 2014 can be found HERE.

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