Thursday, May 1, 2014

The future of ConfigMgr is uncertain for sure!

You all heard the news, Wally Mead, the foremost authority on System Center Configuration Manager (SMS/SCCM/ConfigMgr) and a leading figure within the community, will leave after spending over 22 years with Microsoft. Because of that it's almost like ConfigMgr died too! This emphasizes how Microsoft is changing. ConfigMgr is strictly an on-premises technology and Microsoft is moving us all to the Cloud.
So after killing Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), this seems to be the next step for Microsoft. Let's have a look at the changes coming. It all has to do with Mobile First/Cloud First vision.
Starting this year we are merging MMS with TechEd
Over the past 11 years, the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) has grown from a small user group event focused on systems management and managing PCs, to a large and passionate gathering of the world’s best and brightest IT Pros. Now it’s time to look ahead to the next step for our industry and this community. Starting this year we are merging MMS with TechEd.. (and so it will be)
After merging MMS with TechEd rumours say 2014 could be the last year Microsoft holds a TechEd event.
No MS TechEd next year anymore?
If the rumors are right, this year's TechEd may be the last. The content at TechEd North America this year also is expected to include some management-specifc tracks, as the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) is now being folded into this show. (If MMS content is available on TechEd Europe too is not sure)
During the TechEd 2014 Keynote Sneak Peek the message was clear for all IT Pros: Go Cloud or go home.
TechEd 2014 Keynote Sneak Peek
Intune is ConfigMgr delivered from the cloud. Last Fall we created a strong connection between both of them for use in a hybrid cloud model. Today there are more than 10k customers using Intune to manage their PCs and devices. The choice is yours: Do you want to manage on-prem or from the cloud -- we give you the option to do either. (For how long it takes)
Given the fact that the ConfigMgr team is same as the Intune team (and most resources are on Intune, because Microsoft still has a lot of catching up to do, and ConfigMgr is in a finished, almost perfect state), there will be less development on ConfigMgr for the next years. You can see this in the Windows Intune Roadmap also. Focus is on Windows Intune as a cloud solution, not providing functionality which need ConfigMgr integration anymore. (Richer cloud-only MDM capabilities, Full MDM parity in Windows Intune standalone)
And also: With the added development focus (at the expense of ConfigMgr), it won't be long before Windows Intune is an exact match, further blurring the lines of how endpoints are managed. If Microsoft can show that managing on-premise endpoints from the Cloud is viable, ConfigMgr could be history.
And now, Wally Mead, the Face of ConfigMgr, Leaves Microsoft after 22 Years. Thanks Wally for being a great inspiration for me, and good luck with your new job as Principal Program Manager at Cireson!
Microsoft's Wally Mead Joins Cireson as Principal Program Manager
Wally Mead, pioneer of Configuration Manager, joins Cireson and strengthens the growing System Center focused organization.

Wally Mead, the Face of ConfigMgr, Leaves Microsoft after 22 Years
During one conversation with Wally, he indicated that when Microsoft decided to push ConfigMgr completely into the Cloud, it would be time for him to retire. I won't state that Wally leaving Microsoft indicates anything more than a simple professional change, but it is interesting timing since we're anticipating roadmap announcements at TechEd 2014 in a couple weeks.
Rod Trent (CEO & Founder at, Inc.) reacted on the topic with: I think it's safe to put it this way: MMS is dead. Microsoft is moving us all to the Cloud. And, Wally Mead has left Microsoft.
So.. The future of ConfigMgr is uncertain. Let's move to the cloud now, that's the message! Lucky me I will do a lot on Intune next months..

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