Thursday, July 3, 2014

Certificate untrusted after changing IP-address of ConfigMgr server

When changing the IP-address of the ConfigMgr server it's needed to register certificates for the site server and boot media again. This is done by default during ConfigMgr installation and configuration, but not after changing the IP-address on the server. Just have a look in the ConfigMgr console, Administration, Security, Certificates.

Here you will see multiple certificates which are partly blocked and unblocked. Just open the unblocked ones, and install certificates when needed. In my case this was needed on all unblocked ones! Just install them for "Local Machine" and "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" in the wizard, and you will be fine after that.

Install Certificate

Mission accomplished

After that communication on site systems and deployment is running fine again. No further issues after the IP-address change at all.


  1. We are in the process of moving our SCCM site server to another data center. Is there a standard procedure on re-IPing SCCM? A step by step process? Thanks for the assist!

    1. Not that I know, but it was no big deal afterwards. Just install certificates again seems to be enough. Hope it helps!

  2. access the router settings with default ip

  3. Where have the certificates to be re-installed? On the site server which got a new IP?