Thursday, July 10, 2014

OSD TS Fails during package download (WinHttpSendRequest failed 0x80072ee2)

During deployments last day on A VMware VDI environment (with a hugh task sequence) OSD was failing on a random package installation everytime. This on a ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU4 environment with around 50+ packages in the deployment task sequence.
Upgrading the environment from SP1 to CU4 didn't solve the issue. Upgrading the environment to R2 CU2 isn't the solution also, when I must believe the MS TechNet forums. Case is there is a bug in ConfigMgr, so deployment can be broken on a random package installation. That's no fun at all.

Errors during deployment are:
- WinHttpSendRequest failed
- WinHttpRequest failed 80072ee2
- DownloadFile failed 80072ee2
- Error downloading file from http://<package location>:80
- DownloadFiles failed 80072ee2

Looking on the forums I found the following post: Microsoft TechNet
It's mentioning the following:
We got a reply from Microsoft. The issue as been verified in their lab, and they are working on a proper solution.
The workaround suggested by them is as follows:
Create two Task Sequence Variables at the very top of the TS, right below "Execute Task Sequence"
SMSTSDownloadRetryCount = 5
SMSTSDownloadRetryDelay = 15
I've done this myself, and the TS now completes.

So after all it's a bug!? Looking on Microsoft TechNet again you can see that both variables are available only on "System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager". Leaves me in an unsuccessful situation, where I must upgrade (again) to R2 CU2 this time, to make usage of the variables in the task sequence. Not so good Microsoft.

Note: After migrating to R2 CU2 and multiple deployments I can confirm that deployment is working fine with above variables.

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