Thursday, September 11, 2014

ConfigMgr Offline Servicing on Volume License media

When using Offline Servicing in ConfigMgr to integrate software updates, it's easy to inject around hunderd updates in a Windows 7 SP1 image (for example). This week I started to inject around 100 updates in a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 image. This is however a Volume License media with 8 catalog files available. When selecting from a task sequence you have the following choices: 
Trick is however that when using Offline Servicing for this image, it will start the DISM process 8 times also! No way you can choose to inject them on 1 catalog file only. In my case this results in 8 times injecting 110 updates, which will takes lots of time. I rest my case on this one and install updates during Build and Capture, and not using Offline Servicing which I prefer. Too bad there's no option too choose the right Windows edition here, or didn't I find it yet? 

When the DISM process is started already, you can choose to run Configuration Manager Service Manager (ConfigMgr console > Monitoring > Component Status > Start) to stop the responding proces, because of too much time. Hope it helps!

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