Monday, September 29, 2014

My personal experience with Jalasoft Xian Wings (part 1)

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A few weeks ago I did an online session with Jalasoft, to see more about Xian Wings. Let's see what's my personal experience so far. When installing OpsMgr at customer locations, I setup a management server with web functionality most of time. This way you can open weblinks in notification messages when inside the office or have a remote connection. You can click the weblink or have a look at the alert message available. Nothing special about that.

With Xian Wings it's getting even better. Jalasoft has this product created to view dashboards and health statistics on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone! You can create customized dashboards, monitor the object state of devices and see alerts and performance data. Just visit your local App store and give it a try! In my case (Windows Phone 8.1) it's shows the following message:
What do you do when you receive an email notification from OpsMgr 2007 or 2012 on your smartphone? Do you head back to your office? Or do you use the Operations Manager web console? Now we have made all of this easier for you! With Xian Wings for Microsoft Operations Manager (OpsMgr) 2007 and 2012, you have a real client application for your smartphone, which gives you easy access to states, alerts, performance graphs, tasks and more.

Within Wings you can find default dashboards, remote tasks and remote PowerShell (!). All tasks started are running on the OpsMgr server locally. Alerts can be shown on the icon (iOS) or in the notification center (Android). Because it's real-time, there's no delay in notifications. Licensing is done per device connected to the server. Besides of servers, you can use it for network devices too. Dashboards can be changed to custom-made, but you can start with the default ones. Just download the server and mobile client software and get started! Information for all platforms is included in the software.

Free trial: Jalasoft

In a next blogpost I will show some custom-made dashboards. Stay tuned for more!

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