Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Report Builder click-once application does not exist on the report server

When creating a new report on the ConfigMgr server, the following error message is displayed: "The Report Builder click-once application does not exist on the report server. Ensure that the report builder application manifest exists on the server and try again." Point is Report Builder 3.0 must be installed first. In my situation I use a single ConfigMgr server and a remote SQL server with Reporting database. After installation however the error message displayed is still the same. What's going on here!?

Lucky me I found the following website: TechNet blogs
It mentions: On the computer running the ConfigMgr console, open the Windows Registry Editor. Browse to HKLM/ SOFTWARE/ Wow6432Node/ Microsoft/ ConfigMgr10/ AdminUI/ Reporting. Double-click the ReportBuilderApplicationManifestName value to edit the value data. Change ReportBuilder_2_0_0_0.application to ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application, and then click OK.

After that additional steps were needed also:
Use Notepad or any text editor to open the file: *Note Open Notepad as Administrator, otherwise you won’t be able to save the edits.
"C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Microsoft Configuration Manager\ AdminConsole\ bin\ Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe.config"
Scroll down to the <ReportBuilderMapping> section.

In my case it originally contained
    <add key="11.0" value="ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application"/>
    <add key="10.50" value="ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application" />
    <add key="10.0" value="ReportBuilder_2_0_0_0.application"/>
    <add key="DEFAULT" value="ReportBuilder_2_0_0_0.application"/>

We want to replace the 2's in those last two lines with 3's, so it looks like this:
    <add key="11.0" value="ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application" />
    <add key="10.50" value="ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application" />
    <add key="10.0" value="ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application"/>
    <add key="DEFAULT" value="ReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.application"/>

After that it was finally possible to open the SQL Report Wizard.

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