Monday, February 16, 2015

Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is available now

Microsoft has announced the first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones. I used Windows 8.1 Technical Preview several months on my device. After using my Samsung Ativ S for almost 2 years now, i'm still very happy with my choice. My next Phone will run Windows 10 for sure, no doubt about that. The reason that multiple favorite apps are missing, is no obstacle for me. Microsoft rocks!

When you want to run Windows 10 Technical Preview, just make sure to follow the next steps:
-Join the Windows Insider Program
-Register your device to receive builds as over the air updates
-Builds will come to you automatically as they are ready, after being validated by engineers at Microsoft and used on their own phones
-Use the built-in Windows Feedback app to send us problem reports and suggestions
-Updates will continue all the way up to the final build that goes out to all customers
-You can roll your phone back to the previous OS any time you’d like

If you’re a Windows Phone customer and love to try the latest stuff before anyone else, or a Developer or IT Pro who works with Windows Phones, joining the Windows Insider program and trying out this build may be right for you. You’ll be getting an insider’s view and getting builds that normally would have only been available to Microsoft engineers in the past. Same as on Windows 10 Technical Preview.

There are a lot of known issues mentioned already. Just have a look at them to see what to expect. Still great to have the opportunity to try the earliest publicly available preview for Windows 10 Technical Preview. Do you take the risk or not, that's the question.

Source: Blogging Windows

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