Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My scheduled sessions and product focus on Microsoft Ignite

Within 2 weeks Microsoft Ignite is there! As for March 31st, the Microsoft Ignite general attendee registration is SOLD OUT! With around 20,000 attendees in attendance, it will be a great event full off Microsoft announcements and new technology. More about that can be found HERE. In this blogpost I mention my focus on products and sessions scheduled (for the moment).

When we look on products first, the following have my attention:
- Microsoft Azure (Update)
- Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (Update)
- Microsoft Intune (Enterprise Mobility)
- System Center 'vnext' (ConfigMgr and OpsMgr)
- Windows 10 (Technical Preview)

Well, that's not a lot you may think :-)
Most of sessions scheduled will be about Windows 10, which has my attention definitely:
- Azure AD and Windows 10 together
- Creating Kiosk Devices with Windows 10
- Deploy Windows 10 with ConfigMgr and MDT
- Manage Windows 10 with Intune and ConfigMgr
- Provisioning Windows 10 with New Tools
- Troubleshooting Windows 10
- Upgrading to Windows 10: In Depth
- What's New in Windows 10
- Windows 10 for Education
- Windows 10 for Enterprises
- Windows 10 for Mobile Devices

And so on..

Using the next version of Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), Microsoft Intune or Deployment Toolkit, it will be even more great! It's not about Windows 10 only, it's about the new way of managing the operating system. With Azure AD, ConfigMgr 'vnext' and Intune there will be a lot of new possibilities for that. Sounds great isn't it?!

Expect a lot of tweets and blogposts around Microsoft Ignite from me, and lot's of other people love sharing knowledge.

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Microsoft Ignite general attendee registration is SOLD OUT!

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