Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The task sequence cannot be run because the program files cannot be located

After installing ConfigMgr with multiple remote Site servers (distribution points), we decided to configure half off them with a Fast connection, and half of them with a Slow connection. This can be configured on the boundary group, which contains one or multiple boundaries and is connected to all site servers. That way you are sure that content is downloaded from the local server and no or less WAN traffic takes place. But than it happens..
When starting deployment on Site servers deployment fails with the following error: Failed to run Task sequence. The task sequence cannot be run because the program files for ******** cannot be located on a distribution point. For more Information, contact your System Administrator or Helpdesk Operator.
In this case the package is the ConfigMgr client package.

We did the following to troubleshoot the issue:
-Check if boundary groups are connected to site servers and boundaries are set
-Redistribute and Validate the ConfigMgr client package on multiple site servers (multiple times)
-Check if VLAN communication is working on security, firewall and access control list

The following errors are seen in SMSTS.log
-Content location request for PR100003:3 failed. (Code 0x80040102)
-Failed to resolve PackageID=<?>
-Failed to resolve selected task sequence dependencies. Code(0x80040102)
-ThreadToResolveandExecuteTaskSequence failed. Code(0x80040102)

When looking on Microsoft TechNet forums, the error code has a relation with boundaries, boundary groups and/or the network access account. This was in our situation not the case. After deploying systems on site servers with a Fast connection, everything seems to be okay? When deploying systems on site servers with a Slow connection however not. When changing connection speed on boundary groups back from Slow to Fast the issue is gone. Above issue is because you have configured a boundary group on a Slow connection, not specific because the boundaries, boundary groups and/or network access account is configured wrong.
When looking on Microsoft TechNet Library, the following is mentioned: You can configure the network connection speed of each distribution point in a boundary group. Clients use this value when they connect to the distribution point. By default, the network connection speed is configured as Fast, but it can also be configured as Slow. The network connection speed and the deployment configuration determine whether a client can download content from a distribution point when the client is in an associated boundary group.
Strange thing is, that nothing is found on this specific configuration. I rest my case and leave it on Fast connection for now. For it seems you cannot start OS deployment on systems which are using a site server with Slow connection boundary group? That makes no sense however, because on software packages you can decide what to do on Slow or Fast connections. On a task sequence deployment this cannot be configured. Hope that someone can explain this behaviour, because otherwise Slow connection is kind of useless if you ask me.

Another one bites the dust!


  1. Thanks Henk, this also solved my problem after trying every thing else I could find on this issue :)

  2. Thanks you very much Henk, boundary groups solve my problem

  3. In my case, it was caused by use of a legacy network driver in NAT mode in a virtual machine context. After changing to Bridged Adapter mode, the task sequence ran as expected.

  4. In my case, I have ran the distribute content for the task sequence and it got working.