Thursday, October 29, 2015

Introducing Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) as a service

As for today (27-1) there is a new update on the Configuration Manager Team blog. Let's have a look at the news mentioned:
The Future of Configuration Manager:
-During this time, we have completed the work necessary to deliver ConfigMgr more as an “as-a-Service” product.
-In terms of taxonomy for these updates, we’ll simply be referring to the ConfigMgr product as System Center Configuration Manager + year and month.
-The combination of ConfigMgr and Intune is the only solution that provides the full solution for managing all the versions of Windows, as well as all mobile devices.
-Our goals with ConfigMgr in this release cycle are all centered around finishing the work we started back in 2010 (when we were building ConfigMgr 2012) to deliver ConfigMgr as a service.
-With this work now completed, and with ConfigMgr/Intune being delivered as services, here is what we are able to do for you:
--Deliver the single-pane-of-glass for managing all devices – with immediate support across Windows, iOS and Android without you have to go through complex individual upgrades. We’ll do the work for you.

Support for Windows 10 and Microsoft Intune:
-As we announced at Microsoft Ignite with our first technical preview, we will release a new version of Configuration Manager by the end of this calendar year.
-The new System Center Configuration Manager, as it will simply be called, is designed to support the much faster pace of updates for Windows 10 and Microsoft Intune.
-System Center Configuration Manager will support Windows 10 in any flavor: Current Branch, Current Branch for Business, and Long-Term Servicing Branch.
-The fact that we are not including a calendar year in the name is a reflection of the fact that the new System Center Configuration Manager will be updated frequently.
-We plan to support each version/update for 12 months before we require that customers upgrade to the latest one to continue support.
 -If you want to deploy Windows 10 in your environment today, you should have already upgraded ConfigMgr 2012 to the latest service pack and cumulative update as many of our customers already have.

Just great we have both Windows and ConfigMgr as a service from now on. ConfigMgr is the way to go for managing all versions of Windows! Hope to implement Microsoft Intune more as well. #loveit
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