Thursday, April 28, 2016

Difference between Intune Standalone and ConfigMgr hybrid mode (part 2)

In an earlier blogpost i wrote about pros and cons between Intune standalone and ConfigMgr hybrid mode. Is this post I will mention the difference in speed between both solutions. This because Intune standalone (SAAS) is very fast (few seconds, sometimes few minutes) on enrollment of applications and/or policies. With ConfigMgr hybrid mode this is way slower, and can take up to multiple hours (or more) for making it happen. This is very annoying indeed!
I'm using the SAAS solution myself; using it for demo purpose on my Windows 10 Mobile (Lumia 950). When doing enrollment on that and start a deploying applications and/or policies, they will be visible in a few seconds. Just have a look at some examples on that:
When deploying applications, or changing icons (or something like that), they are visible almost immediately.
When using Allow manual unenrollment (No), Intune cannot be removed from a Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile. Way better, because this isn't possible on iOS or Android devices, or special configuration is needed (iOS).
When using Allow application store for Windows 10 Mobile (No), the store isn't available anymore. Just an example how easy an application can be blocked, but again for Windows Phone only.
This for both the tile on start screen as for the start menu present on Windows Phones. They will be greyed out on start screen and start menu. Just want to see more off that.

When using Allow Camera (No), the following message is given, presenting a black screen when choosing OK. A message that the camera is blocked would be better I guess then presenting a black screen, but maybe it will be in future.

As for ConfigMgr hybrid mode, this must be done in Configuration items and baselines, where not sure when they arrive. Monitoring - deployments is not the right place also, given a 'Unknown' status most of times. Did a lot of compliance checks and reboots on mobile devices, but nothing seem to happen..

As mentioned in an earlier blogpost: Still I truly believe in ConfigMgr hybrid mode, having best of both worlds. But Microsoft still needs some development for a way better experience on that!

More on that in a next blogpost. Thanks for reading.
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