Friday, October 28, 2016

Highlights from the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event (2016)

This week (October 26th) the second Windows 10 devices event is shown. Last year it was all about Xbox, Hololens, Band 2, Lumia 950 (XL) and Surface. Where both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book where shown. Pity Surface Book still isn't available everywhere yet, but hope the product will become at later time (in The Netherlands).

Let's have a look at #Windows10 and #Windows10devices again!

Windows 10
-Windows 10 Creators Update (coming early 2017)
-This week early build release for all Windows insiders
-Coming to more then 400M Windows 10 devices
-Bringing 3D for everyone & 4K gaming

-Paint 3D (Within Windows 10 Creators Update)
-3D animations brings MS PowerPoint to life
-Connect and share easily with people who matter most

Xbox One S
-Game broadcasting for Windows 10
-Creating custom tournaments yourself
-Dolby Atmos on Xbox One with Windows 10 Creators Update

-4K gaming and watching movies (Netflix?)

Surface Book
-Has the highest user satisfaction among any current Windows 10 machine out there or any MacBook, all of them.
-The ultimate laptop, but people want even more...
-New Surface Book i7 with more power on CPU/GPU and 30% more battery life (16 hours in total)
-Available in November for $2,399

Surface Studio
-Thinnest LCD monitor ever built (12.5mm thin touch screen)
-28" PixelSense Display, 13.5 million pixels, TrueColor, DCI-P3, 3:2 aspect ratio, 192 PPI, True Scale

-i5/i7 Intel CPU, Up to 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GPU, Up to 32GB RAM
-Mic array, Cortana, HD camera, Windows Hello
-Pre-order today $2,999

Surface Dial
-A new tool for the creative process

-Available for Surface Pro 3/4 & Surface Book
-Not included with Surface Studio (additional $100)

So yes, Windows 10 Creators Update on Surface Book and Surface Studio looks great, but no surprises like last year. No news on Band and Lumia at all, where customers are not sure what Microsoft is doing here. Microsoft will probably pull the plug and ending sales by the end of this year. Instead of Lumia devices, Microsoft will announce Surface Phone for business purpose (expected late 2017).

No Surface Phone, no Surface Book 2, no Band 3, or anything else. It's a pity :-)

Highlights from last year (2015)

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