Monday, October 3, 2016

My findings on Microsoft Ignite 2016 day 4 (Session and Expo) recap

Day 4 in Atlanta was kind of same as day 3 (in a good way). I did breakout sessions for 75 minutes again only, with lot of great stuff. I skipped the session after lunch, because of Expo closing. Instead of the extra session I spoke to several vendors and received information. Let's see which interesting stuff has been mentioned!
Implement Windows as a service
-With LTSB you keep to create big images and update all of your machines every few years (same as old model).
-With CB/CBB it's lot easier where smaller packages/downloads are used, which is quicker (requires new planning).
-Windows 10 cumulative updates supersedes the older ones to increase fragmentation (one big update).
-Only Quality updates (security & critical) and Features updates (optional) are left (new naming scheme).
-Microsoft recommends to implement al Windows 10 builds, and not to skip one (for CB/CBB usage only).

How to make the most out of Azure, Intune, O365 and W10
-Have a look at all new Windows 10 cloud services (OneDrive, Windows Update for Business, Windows Store for Business).
-Federation services (ADFS) is though to setup but it's worth it. Most people in room uses ADFS in environment!
-Secure Productive Enterprise contains of: Office365 + EM/S + Windows10. Website
-Secure Productive Enterprise is the most trusted, secure, and productive way to work.

Overall the event was better then last year, where things as Wi-Fi, busses and food were better now. Many people from Microsoft to show you the way. Microsoft did a good job on organization, having a event with 23.000 attendees is not that easy.

Let's have a look at my personal pro's on the event:
-Picking up name badge and bag before the event is really handy.
-Location was great, Atlanta is a good city for an event like this.
-Expo hall was really big and a lot of interesting stuff there.
-Shuttles between hotel and conference location were easy to use.

-Food (especially lunch) on the event was better then last year.
-Security people were nicer then last year, not shouting anymore.
-No overbook sessions on this event (for me), which is fine.

Now let's have a look at my personal con's on the event:
-Technical level on sessions may be better, with more in-depth knowledge and demo's, offering Level 300 and 400 sessions. Multiple times a Level 200 session was more tech and in-depth then a Level 300 session, which is strange isn't it?
-No possibility to load devices (tablet, phone) during sessions, where you need to find a place to load them, missing a session at same time.
-No possibility to have a quick lunch also, where a 20 minutes walk was needed. Therefore missing next session, because 30 minutes time is not enough to have lunch and walk back.

Microsoft Ignite is done for this year. Next year they will be back in Orlando, September 25 - 29, 2017. Sign-up now for early registration access and have first choice of hotels in March. I have done it myself already, just to be on time for registration.
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