Thursday, September 29, 2016

My findings on Microsoft Ignite 2016 day 3 (Session) recap

Day 3 in Atlanta was best till now, with lot of great sessions. I did breakout sessions for 75 minutes again only, all on Windows 10 and Microsoft Intune. I skipped the session during lunch, to have some rest and load both Surface and Lumia devices. Two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon is best for me. Let's see which interesting stuff has been mentioned today!
Windows 10 deployment experience
-MDM or Microsoft Intune does not replace Group Policy and ConfigMgr. Improvements are coming!
-Windows Defender team is world class now. Take a look at Defender and you will be surprised :-)
Securing Android devices and apps with Microsoft Intune
-Android fragmentation challenges: 24.000 distinct devices within 1.294 brands!
-Android for work, Requires Android 6.0+ devices Website
-Android is missing some key features, Android security is lacking, Android device fragmentation

-Samsung KNOX extends native Android in a number of areas, 28 additional settings exposed by Samsung API's.
-Android for Work is Generally Available starting in October service release.
-Android for Work is filling the gap with managing Android or Samsung KNOX devices, given new policies and a business store!

Manage and secure iOS and Mac devices with Microsoft Intune
-Microsoft Intune with Apple DEP looks great, but it's a pain to get the certificate from resellers sometimes?
-Lots of information today on Android and iOS management with Microsoft Intune. It's getting better and better!

-Mac OS management with Microsoft Intune, seems to be a great solution!
-It doesn't care which iOS apps are installed by users, you can hide them with Microsoft Intune (in supervised mode)
-Coming up: Azure based console, Device based VPP, Multi-token support, iOS education features, Lost mode, More restrictions

-Azure based Intune console (looks great to me!)

Windows 10 security with ConfigMgr and Microsoft Intune
-Running your ConfigMgr environment on Azure is an Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) solution
-Windows Store for Business integration in Microsoft Intune or ConfigMgr console is nice add-on for publishing apps!
-Google Play for Work looks and works same as Windows Store for Business
-Lot's of (new) dashboards in ConfigMgr console: Health Attestation, Software Updates and Windows Defender ATP

-What's new in Windows Update for Business (WUfB)
-WUfB Is the way to update devices in ConfigMgr in a controlled way

-Coming soon: Windows Upgrade Analytics in ConfigMgr console
Hope you like my findings so far! Stay tuned for more session findings later this week. Microsoft Ignite is rocking bigtime!

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