Friday, September 2, 2016

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp will be replaced with Citrix XenApp Express

During my vacation Microsoft has announced that Azure RemoteApp (ARA) is ending/ended. The service provided the ability for mobile devices running on different platforms to get access to any corporate app. Microsoft will continue support to existing Azure RemoteApp customers on the service through August 31st, 2017, when the service will be wound down. Nobody saw this coming, I guess?
But the good news is: Citrix is introducing a new Citrix application virtualization service ”XenApp Express” that will serve as the next generation service for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp customers. This revolutionary new app delivery service will combine the speed of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp with many of the enterprise capabilities of Citrix XenApp to create the fastest, simplest way for you to access your app from the cloud.
In many ways, you can look at this "XenApp express” service as Azure RemoteApp v2.0. You can also see it as the fastest, easiest way to use XenApp in the cloud. Either way, this new service will be the next generation application virtualization and delivery service for Azure. Hope to see more about that in future!
Did post a few blogposts myself about Azure RemoteApp, but unfortunately the cloud solution is no more. Just have a look at the following blogposts for more information. XenApp Express will be expected somewhere in 2017.

From Microsoft:
Application remoting and the Cloud
Microsoft and Citrix Partner to Help Customers Move to the Cloud

From Citrix:
An Open Letter to Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Customers
Citrix to Introduce a Cloud Service that Delivers Secure Apps from Azure to any Device

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