Thursday, September 8, 2016

Software Center not showing applications in ConfigMgr Current Branch

Recently I had an issue at customer location where applications were not showing in ConfigMgr Current Branch. When opening Application Catalog instead all applications showing up without any problem. In the old days only software packages were displayed in Software Center, leaving the Application Catalog for applications. Apparently I was closer to the solution then expected, because I was still looking at the older Software Center, where using the new one was enabled in Client settings. Let's have a closer look.

At this location the shortcut was offered by Group Policy Preferences instead of ConfigMgr default. Microsoft did update the Software Center in ConfigMgr Current Branch, but did not replace the executable which is used. Therefore the link which is used for the old and new Software Center differs form each other:
Old location > C:\Windows\CCM\SCClient.exe
New location > C:\Windows\CCM\ClientUX\SCClient.exe

So yes, you can offer both old and new Software Center, where the old one only showing software packages, and the new one offers both software packages and applications. Long story short: after changing the shortcut in Group Policy Preferences, the issue was gone. Happy with this easy solution ;-)


  1. Aah yes, correct, I had same with CB 1511, but had not noticed the path. coz I used same GPO and applied that to all

  2. I only see packages in the new Software Center. No applications. What could be wrong?