Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My findings on Microsoft Ignite 2016 day 2 (Session) recap

Day 2 in Atlanta was better overall, where I did breakout sessions for 75 minutes only. No theater or other short sessions for me. Because of long walk between the sessions, you want to give your legs and feet some rest, and sit for a while. Problem again was the battery load on both Surface and Lumia device. When you use your device a lot for tweeting too (like me), you must load your battery during the day. Unfortunately you must really search for that, where it's not possible to load during the sessions.

Therefore I skipped a session partly during the day, to load both devices. Other point of complaining is lunch, which is a 15-20 minute walk, depends on where you are. Where spare time between sessions is around 30 minutes, you don't have time to walk to food service, eat your lunch, and be on time for the next session. Everything you need to do must be in a rush, which I do not prefer. Today I did 5 breakout sessions, with mixed feelings. Some where great, some moderate. It depends per session, but you can't walk out for another one, because of timeframe between other locations.

The following interesting stuff I heard (in first session):
-When you need to go fast with Windows 10, you need to go fast with ConfigMgr too.
-All Windows 10 deployment methodologies possible, where servicing is advised for future upgrades!
-A new Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is coming this year named MDT and not MDT 2016, which is the latest version!
-ConfigMgr Technical Preview 1609 is released yesterday with lot of great new features. Website

-How to migrate BIOS to UEFI during OSD task sequence > multiple solutions available.
-Nested task sequences are coming in ConfigMgr, which is the most requested feature!
-Language and region support (installing language packs) and customizable end user notifications are coming too!
-Coming soon: Clients will fallback to a next distribution point in 2 minutes by default (used to be 2 hours)
-User voice: 623 submitted ideas, 60 shipped in ConfigMgr current branch. Feedback
-What's needed for Windows 10 servicing in ConfigMgr Current Branch?
-With Windows Update for Business you delegate updates to Microsoft. Handy or not?

The following interesting stuff I heard (in other sessions):
-The Microsoft Intune portal is moving from Silverlight to Azure platform completely! Really awesome.
-The New Microsoft Intune portal in Azure is expected somewhere in Q1 2017.
-Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management is the way to go! Really awesome functionality and possibilities
-Everything is going to the cloud: Identity, Membership, Applications, Policies, you name it.
-20,533 total tenants on ConfigMgr Current Branch worldwide! With around 50% running on the latest build (1606).
-40,497,142 million total clients managed by ConfigMgr worldwide! With around 75% on latest builds (1602, 1606)
-New ConfigMgr Current Branch release is called 1610 and offers cloud-based management and peer caching for all content.
-Identity is the new attack surface! Not firewall anymore
-Identity challenges today: organizations want greater control, users wants simple passwords, multi-factor is to complex.

Stay tuned for more on new ConfigMgr features, Windows 10 servicing and mobile device & application management.

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